Middleware and Application Software Development

Embedded File system, USB host/device stack, TCP/IP stack, .NET micro framework
Network and multimedia applications. Embedded Web-oriented applications for remote device control and remote object monitoring. Graphical user interfaces for devices with LCD screens. Windows/Linux-client applications for remote control.

Firmware / Software Development Outsourcing Services

Proffergen Technologies develops custom embedded firmware/software for a wide range of systems-on-chip (SoC), digital signal processors (DSP) and microcontrollers (MCU). Our engineering experience includes but not limited to ARM7, ARM9, XScale, Sheeva, Cortex-M3, x86, MIPS, AVR, AVR32, MSP430.

The company focuses on embedded software design for Linux-based portable and mobile devices.

Board Support Package (BSP) Development

Preparation of board support packages (BSP), bootloaders (U-Boot, RedBoot, EBOOT), device drivers, protocol stacks, system interfaces (PCI/ISA/LPC, I2C/SPI/SSP, Ethernet, LCD STN/TFT, USB, Wireless USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee), file system images, scripts to build a distribution.

Buildroot, Openembedded build-system customizations

OS Linux distributions for various microprocessor architectures (ARM, XScale, x86, MIPS, PowerPC) and for industrial computers (CompactPCI, PC104/PC104-plus). Distribution optimization for custom solutions: multimedia systems, data storage systems, server routers of the wireless network.

Porting popular Embedded Linux frameworks to a custom hardware

We provide Embedded Linux framework porting services to a custom hardware. These are include but not limited to sophisticated software stacks like QT/embedded, Maemo, Google Android, Gnome Mobile and Openmoko.